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Neil Pinder is a retired jack-of-all-trades with a lifelong interest in wildlife who found that creating websites was fun rather late in life. Motivated by a costly and poor experience with a web designer and keen to create some straightforward sites on natural history, he learnt HTML and CSS.

When all the websites he wanted had been built, published, tweaked and embellished - for example, he looked for pastures new.

Zoe Pinder is an artist and musician with a training in graphic design and a degree in advertising. Computers are not her cup of tea (but then, neither is a nice cup of tea) but when we need some imagination, Zoe's the man. Well, woman actually.

Zoe uses pencils, a blank sketch book and a digitising tablet to convert her ideas into pixels. This largely frees her from the constraints of technology and permits artistic fluency to permeate our designs.

Alexander Pinder has a degree in computer science from Nottingham Trent. He learned visual basic whilst at primary school and created websites when he was 14. When Neil's application of Javascript, PHP and mySQL fails, Xander's comes in.

There is no knowing what he doesn't know about computers and their profound logic - which of course requires Xander's profound logic to make our most functional websites function perfectly.

So you see, we make a balanced team; a keen and dedicated "webber" backed up by a team of specialists - and because we keep it in the family, our overheads are over our head and everything is simply smooth and simple.

If you would like a website building we can provide a courteous, tailored service at very reasonable prices: A one-page static website would normally be around £100 including artwork, domain name and a year's hosting, with additional static pages for just £25 each but for a limited introductory period these costs are halved! That's just £50 for a single page static site and £12.50 for additional pages while we build our portfolio. And our guarantees still stand. If you're not happy, you don't pay.

Within a few weeks the search engines will be hitting your site because of our attention to search engine optimization and if at any time in the first year you would like a few tweaks to the site we will make them for nothing because if you're new to this game, you probably overlooked something in your original brief.

You will be 100% happy with the site because we will continue to tailor it (and stick to the original quotation) until you are satisfied. What is more (because Neil is an old stickler) any text will be in perfect English so visitors won't be put off by ambiguity or faulty spelling.

Take a look at some of our work: They are all "responsive" so they look just as good on mobile phones and tablets as they do on the big screen:

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